Our Mission


inoCells will provide a treatment to infertile women with poor ovarian reserve to give them highest chance and greatest hope, of becoming pregnant with their own biological child. 


Our Vision


inoCells is building a business to develop Somatic stem cell therapy medicinal products to address unmet medical needs, with our initial focus to recover the ovarian function of women who have poor ovarian responders, to increase their chance of becoming biological mother, when no reliable treatment is available.



inoCells provides a unique stem cell therapy and banking to rejuvenate the ovary of infertile patients whose ovaries have low quality and quantity of eggs. inoCells provide this patient population a high chance to become pregnant with their own biological child. Currently the only alternative option is donation or adoption.

Our patient population is around 37% of IVF cycles which is increasing in size due to factors such as late pregnancy.

inoCells has concluded its Preclinical and Phase I clinical studies with very positive results resulting in natural pregnancy and live birth of a child from a mother with 13 years of infertility and multiple rounds of failed IVF treatment. inoCells innovation is patent pending via multiple patents at the European Patent Office (EPO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). inoCells product is classified as an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) tissue engineered product by the European Medicine Agency (EMA). EMA has also confirmed and concluded that inoCells is addressing an Unmet Medical need. The product is produced under the ATMP Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. inoCells is located in Limburg with close proximity to the Dutch, Germany, French & Belgian Markets. Our therapy will be provided as a service to hospitals & IVF centers.